July 11, 2011

Get Together

i now have the invite for my next exhibition....

opening: thursday 21 july, 6-8pm

exhibition continues: 22 july - 13 august 2011

screen space
ground level, 30 guildford lane, melbourne, 3000
opening hours: wednesday to saturday, 12-6pm

excerpt from media release:
two slide projectors sit side-by-side within the cavernous gallery of screen space, projecting large images of paint swatches onto the wall; bold squares of colour, each with individual names such as ‘lovey’ and ‘happily ever after’. the slide projectors’ mechanisms synchronise only occasionally, causing two images to be projected simultaneously, creating random pairings of swatches and their names.
using her collection of banal domestic paint swatches, mckenzie illuminates screen space with romantic and meaningful phrases. these chance pairings create expressions that never seem to quite hit the proverbial 'nail on the head' - they can never quite articulate the reason why they are located in a gallery space, succinctly define their relationship to a room, or fully justify their attempts at poeticism. they do however initiate a certain questioning of humanity and of the application of meaning in everyday choices.